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Focuses on companies at the forefront of the global music revolution, capturing the components of the industry’s future growth.

The MUSQ Global Music Industry Index (MUSQIX) seeks to provide exposure to global, publicly traded companies and royalty funds with a core business interest in the global music industry including:

MUSQIndex Segments

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The Future of the Music Industry is Now.

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Key Players

Taking part in the Music Revolution.

Streaming Platforms

YouTube Music
Amazon Music
Apple Music

Content Distribution

Sony Music
Universal Music Group
Hybe Labels Musq
Warner Music Group

Live Music Ticketing

Live Nation Entertainment
Eventim Ticketing
Madison Square Gardens Entertainment
Vivideseats Ticketing

Satellite Broadcast Radio

iHeart Media
Townsquare Media

Equipment Technology

Yamaha Music
Dolby Sound
Roland Tech
Sonos Tech
*Representative sample from each segment.

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